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With beer, of course...

If you're looking to help out in a different way, or if you want to chat about sponsoring us, send us an email at the usual spot, we're all ears!

We've teamed up with those fine folks at Honest Brew to offer you some brilliant deals and to help support our cause!  Quite frankly we were reluctant to offer any kind of sponsorship 'deals' on this fair blog. But, we're huge fans of Honest Brew and were certainly ready to make the exception.

Their customer service is second-to-none, and they've been ahead of the curve for a while now on selections from Cloudwater, Deya, Northern Monk, Wylam and more. They've also been big supporters of burgeoning breweries like Verdant, investing £20,000 in the growing UK business - which is really something we applaud. What's more is we don't need to change our content, delivery or tone. Instead, if you fancy buying some beers online you can help us out with all the boring things like web hosting fees. 

Now to the meat of it. Honest Brew is the UK's only 100% personalised beer service! So don't panic that you'll be receiving the same stout from the same brewery each week. Instead it's expertly curated by the HB team, who offer recommendations and personalisation changes as you go. It's certainly the headliner - and the real deal. But, we don't really need to sell you on this one.

You can head over here to see what all the fuss is about - and right now we're delighted to say it's 50% off a trail box, for our readers!

You can also subscribe to their standard plan here, for EVEN more beer.

Instead (or as well), if you regularly refer to yourself as an 'early adopter' (please stop doing that out loud) and, if you don't want to commit to a subscription (and are a fan of kickstarter-style excitement) you can join the rather exclusive Honest Brew bank for 10%(!) interest on all deposits, access to exclusive new beers, free upgrades to express shipping, and one-off offers! Blimey that's a lot of stuff.

Or, if you're new to the admittedly rather intimidating world of craft beer, and you don't know your Geuze from your Gose or your NEIPA from your DIPA (yet). Fear not. There's a superb introduction sampler, and it's on deal right now to boot! 

If you are quite frankly mental, and don't want in on that action maybe we can tempt you with something for someone else. If you're looking for that perfect, beery Christmas giftHonest Brew offers a series of tailor-made cases, vouchers, subscriptions and more.